Alkaline Water

For a number of years I have been conscious of following an alkaline diet.  I also drink alkalised water to keep my body’s pH as close to neutral as possible.

Alkalinity has become more popular in the last few years  as research has shown how our body’s pH affects our overall health.  My friend Ian Blair Hamilton has been drinking alkalised water for over 10 years and he attributes a number of health benefits to this.

You can find out more about alkalinity from Ian’s team at Alkaway in Byron Bay using this link:

Australian residents can get a free pH test kit here:

Here is an article from Ian about the drinking fizzy drinks versus alkalised water:

Drink water and lose weight.

©Alkaway 2009

If you are a typical Aussie you probably drink sugar-rich beverages, coffee,  or even sugar-laden juice – probably more than a ‘single’ 8oz serve each time. Typical colas contain around 150 calories.  If you go for McSupersizing, you may end up easily consuming over 500 empty calories daily.

Switch to delicious ionized alkaline water and you’ll save at least 500 calories per day. Each kilo of body weight equals 8000 calories. Do the math. One fortnight you could drop a kilo of fat. Naturally, we all have different metabolisms, so it won’t be the same for everyone. But just look at how easy it is. Sugar = acid, and acid is the reason your body stores fat. We utilise fat to stash excess acids!

Why not Diet Cola?

Now you’re ingesting a witches’ brew of artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors. Our body reacts radically to this onslaught of acidic poisons. It tries to excrete them, our kidneys and liver working overtime. In the meantime, we’ve just downed yet another canful! Faced with overload, our body makes a life/death decision by shuffling unprocessed acids off to our fat – to keep it from harming the vital internal organs. This toxic waste dump builds up – and we can only guess at long term effects.

The answer? The Japanese have been drinking it for 25 years. It’s their great health secret! And it’s water – special water.

Ionized alkaline antioxidant water adds power to your weight loss efforts:

  • Removes acidic toxins from your water
  • Dehydration is often mistaken for hunger, leading to overeating. Microclustering greatly assists hydration.
  • Neutralises acids and encourages the body to shed water, fat and toxins
  • Flushes toxins from the system
  • Supplies abundant antioxidants that work to neutralise free radicals, the primary cause of inflammation and ageing.

So why switch to any old low-calorie or no calorie sugar drink? Power up your weight loss efforts naturally – by drinking ionized, alkaline water, and watch the kilos fall away!

If you’re interested in joining Ian’s FREE  ‘Alkaline Defence Program’ click on this link:


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